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• From a security perspective, SailPoint would identify if that user was a remote employee and as a part of the provisioning process, SailPoint would configure access to a VPN and mandate they are using it to securely connect to the network.
• Access requests: provide the users the ability to make access requests to applications/systems/data that they need to do the job while working outside the network.
• Compliance: confirming that the appropriate access to these systems, applications and data to perform their job function and remove that access if they should not have it.
• Self-service for Password Management – Users can reset passwords anytime, anywhere – without needing IT intervention or access to the network. Users in your branch offices, home offices, etc. can keep business going without having to contact IT during off hours. In turn, your organization becomes safer, more efficient and better protected.
• Utilizing our AI/ML product, SailPoint could provide some automation to show the users that are remote and what access they have been given for a proactive way to ensure the right access is granted or removed if the user shouldn’t have it. Furthermore, SailPoint can make recommendations for appropriate remote user access. More information here: https://www.sailpoint.com/solutions/predictive-identity/