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Liquid Immersion Mining

Silex CryptoCurrency Mining 

Silex Blockchain Strategies: 

Maximizing Cryptocurrency mining requires optimum technology running at peak performance. Through Silex’s exclusive and strategic partnerships, we are bringing to market the future of crypto mining.  

Total Silex Crypto Solution 

  • Patented Liquid Immersion Technology  
  • Miner Procurement 
  • Cooling Design & Procurement  
  • Energy Availability & Scalability Consulting 
  • Economic, Regulatory, and Sourcing Consulting 
  • Alternative Energy Solutions 
    • Flare gas  
    • Solar Alternatives 
    • GeoThermal 
    • Hydroelectric
  • Financing Options 
  • Facility Design, Planning & Acquisition  
    • Datacenter in a box
  • Services and System Integration Offerings 
  • Carbon Offsets 

Why Liquid Immersion?

Meet CryptoCore – a single phase liquid immersion cooling mining tank developed to produce the best results in hash rates, energy usage, equipment longevity, and renewability


Air Cooled vs Liquid Immersion Advantage  

  • Miner agnostic configurations   
  • Maximize output from existing and/or new miners 
  • Maintain Constant Performance virtually year-round in any environment 
  • Sustainability, Stability and Improved Life Expectancy of Miners 
  • Allows the ability to run the miners virtually silent with near ZERO Noise Pollution 
  • Increase Hashrate with up to 80% overclocking without damage or degradation to miner 
  • Reduce Facility cost with higher density and up to 80% less physical footprint – 2mw of mining in less than 160 Sq Ft* 
  • World-Class PUE of 1.007 
  • Custom PDU options for 140kw to 200kw  
  • Full Suite of Firmware and Software for full autonomous analytics and management of the mining operations.