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Data Solutions

The Silex Difference

Data drives business. It is quickly becoming your most valuable asset and your biggest differentiator. How your company handles the vast amounts of data available can reduce costs, increase revenue, and set you apart from the rest of your industry. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Business Automation

Our RPA Division is at the core of our automation solutions which help customers drive system integration, data management, and workflow efficiencies with industry leading RPA platforms and custom bot orchestration tools. The Silex RPA Division’s unique and proven approach to RPA allows our customers the flexibility of custom solutions to meet their specific business needs. 

Secure Data Strategy

At Silex we help our customers develop a Data Strategy that encompasses…

  • Minimizing infrastructure costs to support your data
  • Maximizing your data’s value through analytics
  • Enabling your team to interact with your data to make timely decisions
  • Secure and protect your data

Our Focus

  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Cloud Integration
  • Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Security
  • Healthcare

By keeping our focus on these key areas of the IT process we assist our customers in taking that first step into a new world of business intelligence, efficient IT operations, with a service delivery approach.

Technical Services

We partner with the leading IT hardware and software providers to deliver best of breed solutions. 

Our goal is to maintain a breadth of knowledge and experience that enables our customers to make informed data driven decisions. 

Core Tenets of a successful Data Strategy

  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Data Analytics & Visualization
  • Secure and Agile Workplace Delivery

Silex not only has the expertise to build a strategy around these core components, but also deliver as much or as little of the services required to implement that strategy.

Our network of engineers has tenured experience securing the data center, building custom data models, and revolutionizing end user application integration.

Silex changes the discussion from Infrastructure to Data Strategies

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